The tense relationship that Ceaser Emanuel has with his daughter has been well-documented. The Black Ink Crew star has developed a career as a tattoo icon, but that doesn’t mean that he hasn’t seen his fair share of controversies. Many of his moments have been displayed on reality television in front of a global audience that has let Emanuel know exactly what they think of his decisions. From failed romances to fairweather friends, Emanuel hasn’t been shy when it comes to sharing his personal life. 

We previously reported on Ceaser’s fallout with his daughter after she and her mother accused him of physical abuse. The allegations made their way to social media where everyone seemed to weigh in, and while the issue hasn’t been acknowledged, at least not publicly, for some time, an Instagram user trolled Emanuel over the scandal.

Ceaser Emanuel
Arturo Holmes / Staff / Getty Images

This week, rapper and Love & Hip Hop star Lil Scrappy celebrated his daughter Emani Richardson’s birthday by gifting the teen a new Audi. Photos and videos of the surprise went viral and after Hollywood Unlocked shared the good news, someone jumped in the comments to say, “[Ceaser Emanuel] take notes [red exclamation point emojis].”

The reality star mogul decided to issue a response. 

“This girl deserve everything she is getting from her parents,” Emanuel wrote. “My daughter doesn’t deserve sh*t with her lying ass [100 emoji] and please don’t at me again or I will get disrespectful. You don’t know me.” It’s unclear if the person replied, but you can check out the post below.