Summer Walker is ready to leave the industry. The Still Over It singer posted to her Instagram that not only is the industry not for her, but she has no interest in sharing her baby with social media as well.

“I’ll be glad when we get back to a time where being “real” can be honored & accpeted again. Worshiping people who put on a picture perfect facade for clout when they really ain’t got it like that or actually just ain’t ncie people makes me sick,” she posted ot her IG story. “& d*ck sucking really gets me. Like talking to people like shit ot make yourself feel more important is odd as hell. Or allowing someone to talk to you like piece of sh*t so you can fruther your career and stroke their egos is odd as hell to.”

Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

Summer has often come under scrutiny for her lifestyle and how she raises her child with producer London On Da Track. The R&B singer also noted that she will no longer be sharing her baby on social media as well. “Not posting my baby anymore, she’s soooo cute and sweet and smart & perfect but people are weird,” she added in a separate post. 

Summer Walker gave birth to a baby girl back in March 2021. Since the birth of her child, she has come under fire for her parenting sytle. She has often been criticized for her child’s eating habits and the overall health of her child. 

The Atlanta native is still enjoying the reception from her second studio album Still Over It.

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