June 23, 2024

T.I. Yanks Mic From Comedian’s Hand After Sexual Assault Mention


Things got heated between T.I. and a comedian.

Monday night (April 4), T.I. got into a verbal altercation at an open mic event in Atlanta with comedian Lauren Knight. Video has surfaced via Baller Alert that shows T.I. with a microphone in front of the venue’s stage, arguing back-and-forth with Knight, who hosted the event. Tip has recently been performing comedy sets.

Knight apparently made a joke about Tip and his wife Tiny Harris sexual assault allegations that began to surface in 2020. This was later confirmed by Knight in a response video she posted on her Instagram, which you can see further down in this post.

“There was no fucking crime,” T.I. is heard saying at the beginning of the clip. “There is nothing to charge me for, or my wife. Shut the fuck up for a second. Hey, listen… Yo, yo, yo. As many times as you joke on that shit, n***a, I’m gonna check your muthafuckin ass as long as it takes. N***a, when you stop talkin’ about it—when you stop playin’ with me and mine—I’mma stop sayin’ something.”

He continued: “N***a, ain’t no muthafuckin case. There never been no muthafuckin case. ‘Cause I ain’t did nothin’ wrong. And my wife ain’t did nothin’ wrong. And if you keep playin’ with me, n***a, I’m gonna muthafuckin continue to confront you publicly, verbally.”

As T.I. said this, Knight mocked him onstage. She then attempted to deescalate the situation by saying Tip is innocent of any allegations. “T.I. is innocent. I truly believe it. Give it up for him. There are no charges.”

To which the rapper did not take kindly. “I don’t wanna hear none of that shit. Don’t play with me about that!” he yelled back at Knight.

Knight then calls for those in charge of sound at the event to cut Tip’s microphone, which they do. Afterwards, T.I. walked up on stage as Knight defended herself, saying that if she wants to make jokes about something, she is going to make the jokes.

Tip then hugged Knight, which at first appeared to also be a deescalation tactic. But then he yanked the microphone out of Knight’s hand to get her to stop speaking to the crowd.

“This is my shit. Be very clear: This is my fucking shit,” Knight said as Tip grabbed the mic and then said into it, “No it ain’t.”

After the two exchanged inaudible words without a mic, Knight regained control of the stage and explained that it was her event and she was going to say whatever she wanted to say. She want on to claim that comedy is not an easy art, but T.I., who eventually just sat on the  front of the stage, can be heard replying, “It ain’t that hard.”

You can watch the video in full below.

As aforementioned, Knight responded to the tense moment with a video on her personal Instagram explaining her side of the situation. She claimed that T.I. had continually heckled her throughout the evening, even going as far as to call his actions harassment.

After he allegedly made fun of the wig she was wearing, Knight claimed she responded by saying, “Alright, I’ll take my wig off when you speak on the allegations.”

You can watch her video in full below.

In May of 2021, it was reported that T.I. and his wife Tiny were being investigated by police for sexual assault. The following day, however, XXL received a response from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department that explained the reported incident is outside of agency’s statute of limitations. There are, however, multiple other allegations against the couple.

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