Nicki Minaj went up for us, and now she needs her fans to go up for her. Earlier today (April 19th), the mother of one delivered the music video for “We Go Up” featuring Fivio Foreign, which found the two rap stars shutting down the streets of New York for a very stylish takeover.

At the time of publication, the YouTube visual has been viewed just under 150K times and is sitting at 97K likes. It’s unclear exactly what numbers the 39-year-old would like to see the stats climb to, but her most recent tweets make it very clear that repercussions will be serious if audiences don’t come through.

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

“If y’all don’t do what needs to be done with the #WeGoUpVideo I will significantly, and I DO mean significantly…delay the…the…the…oh what’s the word…oh! The album. That’s right,” she wrote a few hours ago, teasing that she was channelling the energy of Meryl Streep’s famous catty character from The Devil Wears Prada.

Half an hour later, she returned with more commentary. “Many of y’all never experienced a ‘Nicki got her foot on [bitches] necks’ era and it shows,” she teased, hinting that she’s got even more loaded in her arsenal following her already-impressive run.

“So from this day forth, y’all will not get Papa Bear’s mommy, cuz y’all don’t deserve her. Y’all won’t get ’bout to be preggers Nicki or preggers Nicki. Y’all gon get who y’all begged for.”

In her next post, she made it clear that the men in the rap game aren’t safe from her impending reign either. “And baby, that ‘[bitches] necks’ covers the whole spectrum. N*ggaz tooooooooooo.”

Have you streamed the music video for Nicki Minaj and Fivio Foreign’s “We Go Up” yet? If not, check it out here, and if yes, let us know what your thoughts are in the comment section.