June 7, 2023

Benzino Says 50 Cent Is ‘The First 6ix9ine” On Podcast


Former “The Source” magazine owner Benzino addressed the fresh e-beef underway between him and 50 Cent. He compared 50 to Tekashi69, referring to him as “the first hip-hop rat.”



Benzino was the most recent guest on the “It’s Tricky With Raquel Harper” podcast, and he did not shy away from the recent tit-for-tat between him and 50 Cent.  Benzino strongly hinted that he was going to file a lawsuit against 50 Cent and several others. 

Then in the podcast, he further slanders 50’s character, claiming  “He’s the first 6ix9ine, the first hip hop rat!!!”

Benzino was referencing an old allegation that 50 Cent ratted out former record executive & CEO of Czar Entertainment, Jimmy Henchman.

Comparing it to when rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine snitched to the feds on fellow gang members in order to get a reduced sentence.

Benzino made a reference to federal paperwork that was allegedly signed by 50 that he says was proof that he snitched. This was a claim that was often repeated by rapper Ja Rule and others at Murder Inc. Records during their beef.

50 Cent has continuously denied these claims and law enforcement sources have confirmed that they were fake. 

Benzino also dropped a diss track yesterday titled “Zino Vs The Planet” that addressed his beef with 50 Cent, his ex girlfriend Althea and his relationship with transgender model, Shauna Brooks.

It all popped off when rapper 50 Cent called out former The Source magazine owner Benzino for his alleged relationship with transgender model Shauna Brooks. The rapper took to Instagram with a message for Benzino, after transgender model Shauna Brooks secretly recorded a phone call between her and the former magazine owner, and then posted it to her Onlyfans account.

Seems Benzino can’t even turn to family during this time as his daughter Coi Leray aired out his dirty laundry, revealing how the family went broke after Hip Hop magazine “The Source” came to an end.

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