June 23, 2024

50 Cent Defends Coi Leray Over Album Sales


50 Cent is coming to Coi Leray’s defense.

After being criticized for the underwhelming first-week sales of her album, the hip-hop mogul stepped in to call for an end to the hate.

“Now would be a good time to stop hating on @coileray,” 50 wrote alongside a photo of Coi on Instagram.

The “Power” producer also announced that he wants to put the 24-year-old rapper on one of his TV shows. “I’m gonna make her show up on your Tv,” he added. “STOP worrying about a first week WORK.”

Coi responded after seeing 50’s supportive post. “GLG !!!!! LETS GOOOOOOO,” she wrote, while her “Blick Blick” collaborator Nicki Minaj also commented, “King shit.”

Coi’s debut album Trendsetter, which features Lil Durk, G Herbo, and Polo G, debuted at No. 89 on the Billboard 200 with around 11,500 units. While she was clowned on social media, Coi remained positive.

“God has been the best father to me. I can’t complain about anything. My debut album is amazing and not one song can you say is bad,” she tweeted. “I understand Coi Leray is so viral & works good on blogs headlines but trust me,it’s all part of the game just ride out andstayfocus.”

50’s post about Coi did not sit well with her father Benzino, who called out his longtime rival for trying to “use my own kid against me.”

“Hey RATMAN aka 59 I appreciate u putting my Coi on but does she know you and STARS ain’t been seeing eye to eye lately,” he tweeted before claiming that 50 doesn’t own the “BMF” trademark. “Well I just got my hands on a federal lawsuit saying that the ‘BMF’ trademark isn’t yours & knew about it & never told Meech or STARS. Big mistake you dummy.”

He continued to slam 50 along with his own daughter, with whom he has an estranged relationship. “You crossed a line with my kid but that’s ok, she’ll have to live with the decision she made to go against her father to deal with the opps,” Benzino added. “Everyone who is a real person will recognize her disloyalty and it will be her downfall. Smh, people who sell their souls always regret it.”

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