June 3, 2023

Tekashi69 Calls Out 42 Dugg for a Fight, Dugg Responds With Diss Track – SOHH.com


The never-ending social media trolling continues. This time, Tekashi69’s new target is rapper 42Dugg, who was caught in the crosshairs after trying to defend 6ix9ine’s recent victim, Perkio.

tekashi69 x 42-dugg


Just when we thought the drama with Tekashi69 and Lil Durk’s look-alike Perkio had simmered down.  Now, the “Gine” rapper is claiming the Perkio scene was NOT an ambush and that the Lil Durk look-alike knew that the video yesterday was going to take place.

“Yesterday bro knew what he was doing, knew what he came in there for,” Tekashi said about Perkio in response to allegations that Perk had been the victim of an ambushing. 6ix9ine continued ranting, 

“Stop believing in the internet cap. This really my bop. This is me on the doly, if it’s up don’t run to the internet.Ain’t nobody with me, that’s a fact. So if it’s up, leave it there. Rappers want to talk about, “Yo, it’s lit for bro.” Yo no funny s**t bro, the narrative gotta stop.” 

6ix9ine paused to take pictures with fans before calling out rapper 42 Dugg for coming to Perkio’s defense after calling him a lame. Tekashi made it clear he would smack the fire out 42 with his consent. 

“42 Dugg I will smack fire out you n***a, I’m on parole but with your consent, you like its lit, don’t call the cops on me or nothin, we can get it! The narrative gotta stop, it’s really my bop!”

The “Maybach” rapper took 69 on his offer, taking to Instagram to respond,  ready to possibly be setup: 

“I want to fight for half a million, cash, come to Miami tomorrow, let’s fight for $500,000. I don’t care if you set me up. I wanna be set up for the money, Miami, fight me!” 

It didn’t stop there, Tekashi took to his Instagram story claiming the Detroit rapper was too scared to fight after he no longer wanted “to go back n forth wit no RAT B***H” as Dugg would say.”

“Don’t be making excuses now.. Don’t start with the oh he’s trying to set me up oh he’s trying to trick me oh blah blah blah..with your consent and my consent it’s all good. Pull up!” 

You guessed it, the “We Paid” rapper didn’t pull up to fight the “TROLLZl” artist. Instead, he did what any rapper would do – pulled up to the studio to make a diss track instead. 

Taking to Instagram 42 Dugg went live to broadcast the process of how to properly lay a diss track. Rapping the bars over and over:

“Acting like they slime, shoot at him, do that to him then testify, who that sound like, B**h Nine ..RAT!!”

6ix9ine is constantly playing dangerous games, and just when the world thought he gained some human decency he showed he could get even dirtier, displaying ultimate disrespect.

6ix9ine’s latest clout-chasing tactic has been to actively troll Lil Durk unprovoked in hopes to get his attention. Lil Durk has been remaining quiet and calm throughout the “beef” forcing the “FEFE” rapper to go to desperate measures.

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