She has never minced words as it pertains to how her brother, Bobby Brown, is portrayed in the media, and Leolah Brown Muhammad has returned. Next week, A&E will finally premiere their much anticipated two-part documentary, Biography: Bobby Brown. We have been covering highlights and teasers of this forthcoming reveal, but it was recently shared that A&E has extended its partnership with the music icon to include his own family-centered reality series, Bobby Brown: Every Little Step.

To help promote their new endeavors, Brown and his wife, Alicia Etheredge, recently caught up with PEOPLE to discuss the highs and lows they’ve experienced together. Etheredge and Brown met way back in the 1980s and had a decades-long friendship before getting together after Brown split from Whitney Houston.

“Bobby and Whitney were their time,” said Etheredge. “I also came from a place. So knowing that he loved hard and came out the other end and somehow we were meant to be and found each other again, that’s what I focus on.”

The reality show will also draw attention to Brown’s kids, three youngins that he shares with Etheredge, and two adult children. There will also be conversations about Bobbi Kristina and Bobby Brown Jr.’s deaths, and that is something that doesn’t sit well with the singer’s sister, Leolah. On Facebook, she penned a scathing statement about Etheredge and it’s clear there is no love lost.


“Don’t you all believe Alicia talking about my niece Bobbi Kristina & my nephew Bobby Jr. Enough is a dam NUFF of the faking now, she said. “Bobby Jr was not even allowed in his own father’s home BCS of ALICIA! And I have a dam witness that he had nowhere to go in LA BCS Alicia wouldn’t let him stay in his own father’s house! Oh yeah, I’m gon tell the dam truth and Shane that devil. I HAD TO FIND SHELTER FOR HIM PLUS SEND HIM MONEY BCS HE HAD NO MONEY FOR FOOD SO STOP THE DAM LYING ALICIA! AND TRUST THERES MORE!!!!”

“Oh no your not getting away with this YOU ARE FAKE AND PHONY!!! And THE TRUTH is coming so you can do whatever pleases you sweetie but it won’t help you. When the world finds out the truth about you it’ll put a stop to all this bull crap your trying to set up for yourself. I’m so sick of you dam demonized evil beasts around my brother. You all preyed on my brother since day one…and now he married you KNOWING he should not have. And stop telling people that you were with my brother before Whitney. He never married you then BCS you were a groupie like I said.”

Leolah also stated that no matter how much her brother loves Etheredge, she will always have an issue with her. Read through her post in full below and watch teasers from Bobby Brown’s new reality series.

Leolah Brown, Bobby