February 21, 2024

Bill Cosby Will Return to Trial for Alleged Sexual Assault


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Nearly one year after being released from prison on an overturned conviction, Bill Cosby has returned to trial on a new sexual assault case.

Bill Cosby is returning to court. Nearly one year after being freed from prison after charges on sexual assault and alleged drugging, the comedian is now in a separate sexual assault trial in Los Angeles. The focus of the trial is Judy Huth, who has accused Cosby of sexual abusing her at the Playboy Mansion in 1975 when she was 16-years-old and Cosby was 37, according to The Guardian.

It was at the Playboy Mansion where Huth claims that Cosby put “his hand down her pants, and then taking her hand in his hand and performing a sex act on himself without consent.” First filing the lawsuit in 2014, Huth initially claimed that Cosby sexually assaulted her in 1974, when she was 15-years-old, later retracting the statement, to which Cosby’s legal team asked for the case to be dismissed. Huth says that she and a friend both met Cosby at a park, to which he invited them to the Playboy Mansion just days later.

In the civil case, Cosby will be represented by Jennifer Bonjean, who previously represented the comedian during his criminal case against Andrea Constand. Following a mistrial, Cosby was convicted in 2018 and sentenced to three to ten years, to which he was released from prison in June 2021. Bonjean is also representing R. Kelly, who is set to go on trial in Chicago on federal sex charges on August 1.

Opening arguments for the case are scheduled for June 1.

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