February 24, 2024

Brandy “Murks” Jack Harlow With “First Class” Freestyle – SOHH.com


Multi-hyphenate singer-songwriter-actor and now rapper Brandy has responded with bars for Jack Harlow who failed the Hot 97 “culture test” – he didn’t know the icon’s body of work or even her relation to brother, Ray J.


Brandy has kept her promise to drop bars on rap newcomer Jack Harlow, who clearly needs a lesson or two on the culture. She dropped a freestyle diss track that premiered May 25th on New York’s Hot 97 station.  

On the minute and a half drop, the Grammy Award-winner jacked Harlow’s, “First Class” to give him a quick primer on her almost three-decade reign.

She spits: “Painting pictures, Cinderella scriptures but that don’t mean jack in the streets jack of all trades, now I’m here jacking for beats queen’s canceled but you can never cancel a queen crown concrete stone.”

The “Vocal Bible” then warned Harlow of how he should address her from now on, saying: “Don’t call me Brandy no more, call me your highness.”

It was during a May 11th interview with Hot 97’s Ebro In The Morning Show that Harlow caught backlash after he was quizzed about his knowledge of black music culture. Radio host Ebro Darden and crew challenged Jack Harlow to a game in which the rapper had to guess the song playing on the radio. Ebro put on Brandy’s 1998 hit, “Angel in Disguise,” which Harlow didn’t recognize and guessed Aaliyah instead. Harlow was fed hints before the “Whats Poppin” rapper eventually guessed, “Who’s Ray J’s sister?”

The Full Moon singer responded on Twitter promising to drop a diss track that would school Harlow once and for all, saying, “I will murk this dude in rap at 43 on his own beats and then sing his ass to sleep.”

Earlier this year, Brandy reminded the world of her vocal chops when she performed the national anthem at the NFC championship game. Brandy wore a white Prada tracksuit, paying homage to Whitney Houston’s 1991 Super Bowl look. Brandy and Whitney have a great history together — the deceased superstar was Brandy’s mentor and a co-star in the film Cinderella.

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