Ari Fletcher is known for being extremely opinionated. Whether she’s talking about relationships, other people, or even herself, she has no fear of speaking her mind– regardless of if others agree.

This is why earlier this week she bought a Jigsaw chain. This comes after several social media users have teased her looks, saying she resembles the horror movie character. She posted the diamond piece onto her Instagram story and played the infamous Saw theme song in the background, “I want to play a game.”

In more recent news, today (May 28), she decided to speak on something many people have had to endure– the transportation security administration, better known as TSA, at the airport. Posting for her nearly two million Twitter followers, she wrote, “TSA talking about take your bin and put it in the cart. Baby this is your job not mine, once I get my bad I’m leaving. You stack that sh*t up, my flight boarding.”

Her post has brought in over 2,000 retweets and 5,000 likes, but her replies have been flooded with people debating the topic.

One person wrote, “I always re-stack my bin. I [don’t know] why, just be wanting to be helpful.” On the contrary, though, one user replied, “I hate when they do this when you late af too [crying emojis] like sit this literally your job.”

What side do you stand on? Is it your job to do it, or should TSA do it themselves? Sound off in the comments below.