Erica Banks is an up-and-coming female rapper from Texas. She’s known for her hit song “Buss It,” which went viral on TikTok for its bass-thumping beat and ability to get people to twerk. Since then, she’s been signed to 1501 Records and is steadily releasing music to grow her fanbase in the music industry.

As we all know, growing as an artist comes with dealing with different rumors and hate– that’s something the 23-year-old had to tackle earlier today. A news and entertainment platform, known as Buzz World, shared a post on Twitter about the artist and accused her of not being herself. They started the post by saying, “I Miss The Old @realericabanks You was so humble & nice then Now [you] blew up.”

The media outlet also expressed how they used to post the rapper on a consistent basis, but now she doesn’t recognize them anymore. “I supported you because I wanted you to win & you did… but only for you to ignore me,” the page added. 

Once Erica caught wind of the post. she had something to say. She quoted the tweet and wrote, “Understand this: I don’t always see everybody’s posts…” Her reasoning is that she has a wider audience now.

Seemingly frustrated, the rapper questioned people’s intentions when it came to cheering her on. She wrote, “Support me bc you genuinely want to, not bc you think I’ll ‘retweet’ or ‘like’ it.”

Many people in the replies poked fun at the artist, saying she’s doing the same thing she blamed Nicki Minaj for. A while ago, she revealed that the “Starships” artist blocked her, even though she had shown her nothing but love, and just wanted to get acknowledged.