It’s been an eventful weekend in Blueface’s world with a series of events that were publicized across his social media accounts. The rapper’s relationship with Chrisean Rock has made headlines in the past but on Saturday, she revealed that she got a portrait tattoo of Blueface’s face on her neck. A little less than 48 hours later, it was reported that she had gotten into a scrap with Blueface’s family.

 Maury Phillips/Getty Images

While Blueface was initially accused of attacking his sister, Kali Miller, and mother, Wack 100 emerged with new evidence suggesting otherwise. Wack shared a video of Blueface’s sister holding her bloodied boyfriend in her arms, yelling, “Blueface, baby. Yeah, aiight. On the dead homies.” Meanwhile, Blueface called out his other for making his sister fight her battles.

After plugging Blueface and DDG’s new single, “Meat This,” Wack 100 said that Blueface’s sister was unwell.

“Pray for @drjioproducedit quick recovery. & let’s pray for the mental state of @kaliwae_ . As you see somethings not right with this behavior Why would she act like this at a time like this. Imagine what it was before it got to this point. #SurvivingKali #TeamBlueFace @toogee_ get ya man’s,” he wrote. 

Kali recently chimed in on Blueface’s antics, sharing a slew of pictures of her and her husband. “Husband father loving king I’m sooo sorry this happened to us, I’m sooo sorry ppl are lying to sell albums on your behalf . My rider rod w me all the way I am forever grateful for your love I’m sorry I brought you into such a toxic environment you been tell me to let go but I valued my family to much now once again im in some mess that has nothing to do w me . But you understood that was my mother, weather you liked her or not you knew we woulda did the same for your mom . I love you daddy we gone b alright,” she wrote.