June 12, 2024

Slim Jxmmi Responds To BM’s Domestic Abuse Allegations With Texts & Videos


In response to his baby mother’s exposé of her domestic violence allegations against him earlier this morning, Rae Sremmurd rapper Slim Jxmmi has pulled out a few screenshots and videos of his own, seemingly trying to shed an unflattering light on Kee.

As we previously reported, the recording artist’s ex shared photo evidence of physical damage that had been done to her body including a busted lip, broken teeth, and serious bruises. “He physically assaulted me while pregnant [with] my friend present, he’s [broken] my phones in front of his team, screamed at me and pushed me around in front of them, and they always point fingers like I’m making him do these things,” she shared in her since-deleted post.

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“Took me a while to get the courage to post this, because I didn’t want to look ‘dumb’ or listen to ‘She’s going to go back,’ but he’s given me no choice,” Kee revealed, admitting that her relationship with Slim Jxmmi pushed her to a breaking point recently.

“After years of going through these kinds of things, I had one of my biggest breakdowns a few days ago to where out of anger and emotion threatened my own life and my son’s because I was so fed up from how he treats me, I didn’t mean any of the texts.”

When addressing his baby mama’s claims, the “Come Get Her” hitmaker pulled out some of the screenshots from the tense moment that Kee had mentioned. “What [this] yo. You don’t have to worry about us,” she allegedly texted him. “We’re dead now, I promise you. You don’t want my son either you treat him like [shit].”

“I don’t treat him bad at all,” Slim Jxmmi responded. “You don’t love him, you don’t spend time with him, and you won’t even say bye to him,” she wrote back. “You let him watch me cry!!!!!”

Another inclusion from the Sremmlife artist’s side of the story was a video of police giving him the child. “Mothers only lose the baby when they are a danger to the child,” he wrote alongside the clip.

Though she deleted the post, currently Kee still has a screenshot on her story of a comment speaking out in her defence. “@slimjxmmi you knew she wasn’t going to hurt the baby, but you used it against her to be a punk.”

“Now she had to expose you [cuz] you were trying to keep her from her child,” they continued. “Ain’t no way she’s lying, that’s too many bruises and missing teeth. Plus the videos and text prove themselves. Seek help and keep your hands to yourself, and get a new manager and team that doesn’t enable your abuse.”

Kee simply wrote, “Thank you.” Check it out below, and tap back in with HNHH later for more hip-hop news updates.

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