Young Thug and Gunna are already under immense pressure as they have both been denied bond in the RICO case stacked against them and 26 of their alleged associates, but then a teenager jumped into the controversy with threats against the Gwinnett County Sheriff. We previously reported on Quartavius Mender, an 18-year-old fan who took to social media to threaten to kill Sheriff Pat Labat, the Sheriff’s wife, a clerk, and the Atlanta Public Schools Police Chief Ronald Applin.

Mender reportedly demanded that the rappers and their crew be released, but instead, he was arrested and tacked with 23 counts of terroristic threats. “We take these kinds of brazen threats seriously,” Sheriff Labat said in a statement.

“Social media cyberbullying, and hiding behind a keyboard will not protect someone from criminal prosecution,” Labat added. “Our investigators are diligent in seeking individuals who mean to do harm to anybody, and I am grateful to them for ensuring the safety of myself, my wife, and all citizens of Fulton County.”

Now, Mender’s mother has come forward with claims that her son suffers from mental illness and isn’t involved in any gang activity. It was noted by 11 Alive News that Mender’s cousin has also been named in the YSL RICO indictment.

“My son is dealing with mental health, and also he’s grieving, you know,” said Malaika Kulenga. “His brother was killed in September from a hit-and-run… My son is really a person that does need help.

In a jailhouse call with Mender, 11 Alive asked about the social media threats. Mender denied that he was the person responsible and refuted claims that he is in a gang. Watch the news segment with Mender and his relatives below.