The things trolls say to strangers can be downright vicious and entertainers are subjected to some of the worst messages fired off on the internet. Thumb Thuggers and Internet Gangsters often toss around idle threats to the rich and famous, or simply comment insults in the hopes of possibly going viral, but not everyone takes these moments lightly. This week, Thony Rock shared a screenshot of a DM he was said to have received from someone who had vile things to say about him and his brother, Chris Rock.

“You are a joke [100 emoji] f*ck you and ya whole damn family,” the person wrote to Rock. “Ya brother was a b*tch n*gga and he got what he deserved and I think it’s best you stop using ya brother for clout and getting ya career back you will forever be in his shadow n*gga worry bout ya kids before someone make they ass disappear dude [100 emoji][okayhand emoji].” 

Tony Rock
Alberto E. Rodriguez / Staff / Getty Images

In the caption to the post, Rock tagged the person allegedly responsible for the message and explained why he doesn’t stand in anyone’s shadow.

“This is your reminder that God is very real and unfortunately so is the devil,” he said. “My many blessings in life have aggravated this person @king_nik_backup (whom I’ve never met and have no ongoing issues with) to the point that this person felt the need to send this message threatening my child (I don’t have ‘kids’). Just so we are all clear.”

Rock added that if he sits down for an interview and is asked about his career, family, or pop culture, he does his best to answer truthfully. He also stated that, unlike other celebrities, he doesn’t have a list of topics that he won’t address.

“I answer questions that I’m asked. That’s what an interview consists of,” said the comedian. “Lastly, 22+ years in the ‘business’. Movies, tv shows, constantly touring, constantly selling out shows, selling tv shows, executive producing shows and helping other comics. All while trying to be half the Dad that my Dad was. I’m in no ones shadow and I have no competition. I’m Tony Rock. It’s all love. Even when it’s hate on your side,”

It looks as though the troll’s account was deleted. Read through his message in its entirety below.