The relationship between Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson has had its fair share of chaos. Most recently, the two have been making headlines following an episode of The Kardashians which premiered on Hulu. Drama stirred back up when it was revealed that the NBA player cheated on Khloe after she had thrown him a party for his 30th birthday.

Hollywood To You/Getty Images

The scene showed a livid Kim reading over legal documents by Tristan. In the paperwork, Tristan had admitted to his infidelities. Frustrated by his actions, Kim asked him if her sister had known, to which she shouted, “Khloe doesn’t even f*cking know.” Kim was able to piece together that Tristan left the celebration that Khloe had thrown for him to have sexual intercourse with a woman in Houston, Texas and impregnated her.

Following the airing of the episode, social media users had a lot to say– and apparently, Khloe did too. A fan on Twitter tweeted out, “I respect y’all for being on this positivity sh*t but F**K Tristan!!! #TheKardashians.”

It didn’t take long for the 37-year-old socialite to see this post and react to it. She dropped three heart emojis under it, which alluded fans to believe that she was on the “F*ck Tristan” hate train.

However, after her short reply gained some traction, she hopped on the networking site to defend what she had typed. She wrote, “This is why I get discouraged to tweet. Things get taken out of context or made into something that it wasn’t.” She continued by stating that no matter what someone does to her, she’ll never retaliate– especially on social media.

The person whose tweet she replied to chimed in again, adding, “you don’t deserve for people to take [three heart emojis] out of context you were just sending me love you didn’t co-sign anything.”