Biggie Smalls would’ve celebrated his 50th birthday on May 21st, but since he’s no longer here to do that, his famous friends have gone above and beyond to make sure his legacy is remembered.

While it’s been 25 long years since the “Big Poppa” artist was fatally shot, pals like Diddy and Lil Kim have hosted beautiful tributes in The Notorious B.I.G.‘s honour, with the former even teaming up with Proto Inc. (a holoportation company allowing people to “beam” in real-time to places where they can’t physically be) to create a hologram of Biggie.

Jim Smeal/Getty Images

Videos of the rapper’s vision began surfacing on social media earlier this weekend, revealing that the life-size hologram is on display in the Life After Death artist’s hometown of Brooklyn, New York.

Dressed in his signature style, Smalls wore Versace sunglasses, a green Sergio Tacchini tracksuit with black and white details, and a pair of black and grey Air Jordan 1s on his feet. Any outfit isn’t complete without the right accessories, so the designers gave their creation a gold Jesus piece, a watch, and a black hat.

To some, seeing the late rapper “come back to life” was disturbing. “Keep that hologram of Biggie far away from me,” one user wrote. “Biggie hologram scary. I thought that n*gga was gonna say ‘Baby Babyyyyy,'” someone else joked.

Others, however, were pleased to see how real the image was, especially after the success Dr. Dre had with his Tupac hologram at Coachella back in 2012 – check out the video below, and keep scrolling to see more Twitter reactions to the Biggie Smalls hologram.