There seem to be several big plans on the horizon for Keyshia Cole, but her fans are more concerned with what’s to come on the music front. The acclaimed R&B star announced her retirement in March 2021, suggesting that the album she was working on would be her last. “I’m gonna have to move at my pace with this one. #Album8,” she said at the time, however, there haven’t been updates on when her supporters can expect to receive the new record.

Meanwhile, Cole did collaborate with Antonio Brown on his album Paradigm, and more recently, she teased a new record that has caused social media conversations about Drill.

The genre emerged in Chicago but has taken over the globe as different cities have shaped the style into their own sounds. New York Drill has been on a meteoric climb as rappers surface in the scene, and U.K. Drill has dominated overseas. Some have complained about more artists tapping into the Drill sound, but it can only be expected when that is taking over the charts in Hip Hop.

Keyshia Cole reportedly delivered a teaser of her upcoming song “Real Me,” and it was sonically different from what many of her fans were used to. Reactions included those who were hoping for something more nostalgic of her earlier career, but as artists grow and evolve, so do their sounds. “Drill&B” may be on the rise…or not. We’ll have to wait and see.

Check it out for yourself below.