June 16, 2024

Jerrod Carmichael Calls Out Dave Chappelle On Trans Jokes: “That’s The Legacy?”


Jerrod Carmichael Calls Out Dave Chappelle On Trans Jokes: "That's The Legacy?"

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In a new interview with GQ Hype, comedian and actor Jerrod Carmichael spoke on Dave Chappelle’s recent controversies and transphobic jokes.

Jerrod Carmichael isn’t hiding anymore. In a new interview with GQ Hype, the actor and comedian gave his thoughts on Dave Chappelle, cancel culture and more.

“What does that mean, that people are mad on Twitter? Everybody’s fine. These grown men are fine,” he said on the topic of cancel culture. “I think, a lot of times, people who offer nothing truthful or meaningful about themselves then complain about society at large and create this boogeyman. It’s like, listen, that’s the most urgent thing in your life? God bless you. I’m tired of hearing it.”

Elsewhere in the conversation, Carmichael gave his thoughts on Chappelle, who’s recently faced backlash for transphobic jokes on Netflix special The Closer (and other stand-up sets). In May, Chappelle was attacked at the Hollywood Bowl during comedy festival Netflix Is A Joke by attendee Isaiah Lee, who referenced Chappelle’s jokes as reason for tackling him onstage.

“Chappelle, do you know what comes up when you Google your name, bro? That’s the legacy? Your legacy is a bunch of opinions on trans shit? It’s an odd hill to die on,” Carmichael said. “And it’s like, hey, bro. Who the fuck are you? Who do you fuck? What do you like to do? Childish jokes aside, who the fuck are you? It’s just kind of played. But he’s choosing to die on the hill. So, alright, let him.”

In related news, Carmichael recently made his directorial debut with On the Count of Three, a black comedy film that stars the comedian, as well as Tiffany Haddish, Henry Winkler and J.B. Smoove. He also released Rothaniel, the HBO comedy special where he came out as gay.

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