Drake surprised all of his fans last night by releasing a brand new project called Honestly, Nevermind. This is Drake’s seventh full-length studio album and when it was announced yesterday evening, there was a lot of anticipation for what was to come. Drake had even labeled this as a summer album, which definitely had fans intrigued by the sounds we would be getting.

In the end, Drake dropped off a house, EDM, and dancehall-inspired record that has quite a few fans disappointed. The reactions to the new project have been quite negative, and while there are people defending the new sound, others just don’t want to give it a chance.


Mark Blinch/Getty Images

This morning, all of the big radio shows have been talking about the project, including The Breakfast Club. This prompted Charlamagne Tha God to give his unfiltered thoughts on the album, and as you will see, he couldn’t help but make jokes. In fact, the radio legend likened this album to some elevator music.

“I don’t mind the vibes you know the vibes to me are the vibes you hear when you’re at a Beverley Hills luxury hotel,” Charlamagne explained. “This is lobby, elevator music. This is the vibes when you sitting in the lobby of the SLS hotel having some drinks on a leather couch with the lights dimly lit. You got a suit on, no tie, first couple of buttons on your shirt open, some slippers on, loafers no socks. I’m never going to revisit the album again but if it comes on when I’m in the lobby of a luxury hotel, I’m not mad at it.”

Let us know what you think of Charlamagne’s review of the record, in the comments section down below. Also, be sure to give your thoughts on Drake‘s new album, which seems to be his most polarizing work, to date.