Some people scoffed at Bill Cosby going to trial over allegations of sexual assault from the 1970s, but a jury thought otherwise. The disgraced comedian has been facing an onslaught of accusations that span decades as dozens of women have come forward with their stories. These alleged victims include women in and out of the entertainment industry, from models to actresses to those involved in college sports.

In this most recent civil case, a woman named Judy Huth alleged that she first met Cosby when he was filming a movie at a park. The then-teenage Huth would reportedly go on to befriend the then 38-year-old Cosby, who invited her to her certain events and parties.

Bill Cosby
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Huth alleged that she and a friend went with Cosby to a tennis club before the comedian invited the young ladies to his house where he served them alcoholic drinks. Huth was reportedly 16 at the time, and after the trio had drinks, Cosby allegedly took the girls to the Playboy Mansion where he was said to have told them to tell everyone they were 19.

While there, Huth accused Cosby of taking her to a room on the vast property and sexually assaulting her. She first brought forth her allegations back in 2014.

A 12-person jury handed down a verdict today and, according to CNN, found that Cosby did assault the then-teen and “awarded Huth $500,000 in damages. No punitive compensation was awarded.” While this would commonly be seen as a defeat, Cosby’s attorney Andrew Wyatt isn’t too concerned because Huth didn’t receive the punitive damages that she sought.