June 19, 2024

DOMi and JD Beck Announce Debut Album, ‘NOT TiGHT


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In a collaboration between Anderson .Paak label, APESHIT Inc., and Blue Note Records, jazz duo DOMi and JD Beck announce the release date for their debut album, NOT TiGHT.

Ambient and jazzy instrumental duo DOMi and JD Beck have announced their debut album, NOT TiGHT, which is releasing on July 29. The project’s second single, “WHATUP,” will be out tonight at midnight.

NOT TiGHT will be a joint release of a collaboration between Anderson .Paak’s new label, APESHIT Inc. and the storied jazz label, Blue Note Records. The announcement comes almost a month after the release of their first single, “SMiLE,” which featured a video directed by .Paak.

In the video, DOMi, somewhat of a French keyboard prodigy, and JD Beck, an equally prodigious young drummer from Dallas, plan a surprise birthday party to cheer up a guest-starring Mac DeMarco — who plays an aged jazz legend who’s since lost his hearing.

“SMiLE” is light and fun, bright and tightly wound with the melodies of DOMi’s keyboard and the familiar near-electronic bass licks of Thundercat featured neatly alongside Beck’s spacious drum patterns. Just as the duo meticulously plans the details of DeMarco’s surprise party — Beck carefully placing individual pieces of caviar, DOMi relentlessly invigorating the old codger with peppy attention — the track too feels spiced with attention to detail and youthful enthusiasm.

Here is the full tracklist:

3. “SMiLE”
4. “BOWLiNG” (feat. Thundercat)
5. “NOT TiGHT”
6. “TWO SHRiMPS” (feat. Mac DeMarco)
8. “MOON” (feat. Herbie Hancock)
9. “DUKE”
10. “TAKE A CHANCE” (feat. Anderson .Paak)
12. “PILOT” (feat. Snoop Dogg, Busta Rhymes & Anderson .Paak)
13. “WHOA” (feat. Kurt Rosenwinkel)
14. “SNiFF”
15. “THANK U”

The pair got the attention of .Paak — sliding into a co-writing credit on “Skate” from the Grammy-winning Silk Sonic album — and earned performance spots alongside Ariana Grande, Herbie Hancock and Thundercat by doing what creative kids and young adults are doing these days: flooding the internet with displays of their creativity.

A December 2020 tribute performance to MF DOOM’s Madlib-produced Madvilliany has since garnered over a million and a half views on YouTube. Beck rocking a vibrant pullover and drumming tightly to shifting Madlib beats, DOMi filling the spaces between with scales bright enough to match the pullover. Just remember, (almost) all caps when you spell the girl’s name.

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