By now, everyone has been made aware of the mass shootings that have happened across the nation. The horrendous acts that have occurred in Uvalde, Texas; Buffalo, New York; Tulsa, Oklahoma; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and more, are reminders that the United States has issues to fix. As Americans continue to mourn the loss of hundreds of innocent people, another country is experiencing the same emotions.

While attending an event at a gay club in downtown Oslo, Norway, several people were emerged in fear after they heard gunshots. The shooter, who has since been detained, fired multiple rounds outside of the establishment, killing two people and injuring 19. 

The incident took place just hours before the city was set to undergo its 10-Day Pride Festival– the first large gathering to celebrate LGBTQ+ rights since the start of the coronavirus pandemic. The event has since been canceled by its organizers, as recommended by the police. In a statement issued by the leader of Oslo Pride, Inger Kristin Haugsevje, she stated, “We encourage all of Norway to show solidarity and celebrate Pride at home, in their neighborhoods and towns.”

According toThe New York Times, the assailant was a 42-year-old Norwegian man from Iran who has a criminal record consisting of minor offenses. As of now, his crime is being treated as terrorism, and he is being charged with both murder and attempted murder.

Video footage captured the frightening shooting as it happened. In the clip, numerous people can be seen running for their lives and the sound of the gunshots booming took over the sound waves.