March 5, 2024

Omarion & Mario Share Shady Messages Following Last Night’s “Verzuz”


Last night’s Verzuz battle was chaotic, to say the least, from Ray J‘s disappointing vocals during the pre-show (which his big sister Brandy didn’t hesitate to flame him for) to the main event between R&B stars Omarion and Mario, there was plenty to take in. Now that the curtains have fallen and the latter has been declared the winner, both recording artists have spoken out on social media. 

In the caption of a photo of a casket, the 35-year-old wrote, “YEAAA… room for 3! HAHAHAHAHAHA R&B ain’t dead @omarion but you and your friends rest well tonight.” Though some thought his gloating was a little harsh, Joe Budden dropped by the comments to say, “Nah, my n*gga deserves to talk his shit!!!”

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“I spoke to @omarion after his wake last night. He woke NOW!” Mario‘s teasing continued in another post. “Said I inspired him to become a full-time author. @0ryan0ryan is gonna grow the watermelons and O’s gonna write books! I’m proud of them. I know mom’s proud too. O saw her backstage and said ‘Hi!'”

Though he ultimately lost, Omarion kept the energy on his post somewhat positive, revealing that he took longer to participate in the online discourse as he had a Hello Beautiful magazine cover shoot the morning after his Verzuz show to prep for.

“I wanna take a moment to thank everyone for tuning in last night,” he began. “Thank you @therealswizzz and Timbaland for being trendsetters and providing this incredible platform for artists.”

Omarion said that he had a great time, not failing to mention that his streaming numbers have been going up since he took to the stage. “Looking forward to our next performance on July 29th at the MGM Grand Harbor in Washington D.C. where YOU will open up for me, per usual,” he teased Mario.

“And yes there will be a sound check that date and this time, we don’t use your front-of-house sound man.”

The California native then addressed all the commentary that’s been floating around online. “I love all the jokes and opinions,” he said. “Y’all are hilarious, I’m enjoying the creativity.”

“If you’re lucky enough to be in this business for 22 years you understand that at some point you will experience malfunctions,” Omarion shared. “It comes with being an artist and making yourself vulnerable to the world.”

In conclusion, he threw some shade at his “three background dancers” letting him down, writing, “I’m not surprised because this is how y’all always been even while in [B2K]. Praying for my downfall. Well, keep praying cause I’m overbooked and busy. Meanwhile, y’all really gotta get a job other than hatin on O. I heard UPS is hiring.”

Check it out for yourself below, and let us know what you thought of last night’s Verzuz in the comment section.

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