By now, everyone is aware of the issues existing between Blueface and Chrisean Rock. The couple, similar in energy, have been arguing via social media for the last couple of days. Though no one knows exactly what started their issues, they have managed to include social media in their disagreements after the fact.

Prince Williams/Getty Images

Blue has claimed that his annoyance with Rock started after she got her mouth fixed. “Ever since she got that tooth, she’s been one. I see what’s going on… B*tches get a tooth and it’s like,” he shared with his 529,000 followers. Although he was there to witness her gap get filled, he’s now stating that it’s the cause of their troubles.  

While Rock had anticipated getting her smile back to normal, she assured her boo that she’d get it ripped right back out if that meant they would be back together. “Boy, I can remove the tooth for ya,” she posted on her Instagram account, accompanied by a picture of her mouth full of pearly whites.

Well, apparently, their love was able to be rekindled without Rock having to visit a dentist. Video footage captured her at Blue’s concert having a good time and recording him during his performance. 

Aside from that, the Maryland native also left a message on her IG story that alluded to them getting back together. She posted a quick video of her bouncing up and down happily and captioned it, “Mood [when] he take [you] back.”

Check out the post below.