June 19, 2024

SiR Glides Through “Life Is Good” Single With The Help Of Scribz Riley


Inglewood’s very own favorite crooner has returned with another single, and like the others, SiR hasn’t missed. The California star has been busy in recent weeks, from the BET Awards to preparing the release of his latest effort, “Life is Good” featuring Scribz Riley. Back in May, SiR blessed us with “Satisfaction,” and it is rumored that he is readying a new project—a followup to his acclaimed 2019 release, Chasing Summer.

The arrival of “Life is Good” is accompanied by a visual that moves much like a short film. The captivating story takes viewers through what looks to be a blissful romance between SiR, who plays the part of a man who relies on illegal means to survive, and his leading lady. However, in the end, she may not have been as faithful as she seemed. 

SiR effortlessly floats through this track as Scribz delivers a complementary verse, so stream “Life is Good” and let us know what you think.

Quotable Lyrics

Life is good, ayy, car fast as f*ck
Ain’t got pulled over once while I was actin’ up
120 on my way to Calabasas, I ain’t takin’ any favors
I ain’t givin’ any passes, ayy, ayy
I may (Hey), fly you down Canada today
Maybe to Toronto where it’s cold
Everything but the weather, girl, I got under control 

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