Earlier this week, footage of a deadly stabbing in a New York bodega that left 37-year-old Austin Simon dead surfaced online, sparking massive debate about whether his killer, 61-year-old Jose Alba, was simply acting in self-defence.

In case you missed it, the attack took place earlier this month after a woman was asked to leave a shop for not being able to pay for a bag of chips. Her boyfriend, Simon, then entered the store and (as the video shows) proceeded to act aggressively and inappropriately toward the employee, even shoving him to the ground at one point.

Alba eventually stabbed his assailant to death and was ultimately charged with murder and possession of a deadly weapon before being thrown in Rikers Island and being hit with a $250,000 bail, though many publicly spoke out in his defence, saying that the bodega worker deserved to be free as he was simply seeking to protect himself at work.

“It’s obvious this gentleman was here working, providing for his family and someone came behind the counter and what I viewed was inappropriate,” New York Mayor Eric Adams said.

It seems a judge agreed, as Alba’s bail was lowered from the sky-high price to $50K, allowing him to return to his Hamilton Heights apartment, accompanied by one of his sons earlier this week.

As the New York Post reports, at the time, the 61-year-old covered his face and refused to answer any questions. His relatives and boss paid $5,000 to spring him, and as a part of his release agreement, Alba will be prohibited from leaving New York City.

He also surrendered his passport, ensuring that he won’t be headed to the Dominican Republic on a previously planned trip.

Check back in with HNHH later for any updates on the NYC bodega stabbing, and see Twitter’s reaction to all the drama here.