Jayda Cheaves is easily one of the most successful women hailing from the realm of social media influencers. She got her start years ago by posting fashionable pics and rocking hairstyles that many people weren’t aware of. From there, she began selling items like clothes, bundles, flat irons, and even edge control gel.

Prince Williams/Getty Images

Fast forward a few years, not too much has changed about the 25-year-old’s influence. To this day, she’s still setting the trends and having others follow. However, with all that attention comes a bit of negativity. Earlier today (July 10), Jayda took to her IG story to address it. 

She wrote, “When are y’all going to realize that I don’t care that y’all hate how I dress. Y’all been saying this for quite some time now. Give it up! Oh and can’t forget, ‘She’s too short for that.’ Beat ittttt! [laughing emojis]. 

While there’s no telling what outfit she’s talking about in particular, The Shade Room paired her rant next to her most recent look. Last night, the mother of one’s fit gave off a tropical look. She wore a blue and yellow long-sleeved Jean Paul Gaultier top paired with a dress from the same brand that she finessed into a skirt. To accessorize, she wore a pair of yellow YSL pumps along with a $39,000 black Hermes Birkin bag.

Jayda also caught a lot of criticism because of the attire she wore to the BET Awards a couple of weeks ago. She showed up draped from head to toe in a white shark tooth-inspired dress designed by TLZ L’FEMME. This made her a target online, but again, she chose to not let it phase her one bit.