June 19, 2024

Most Democrats Don’t Want President Biden to Run Again in 2024


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The approval rating for President Joe Biden has hit 33%, as a majority of Democratic voters are seek other 2024 presidential candidate options.

The approval rating for President Joe Biden has reached a new low. According to The New York Times, a new poll shows that the current U.S. president has an underwhelming approval rating of 33%, with 64% of Democratic voters wanting other candidate options for the 2024 presidential run. Sixty seven percent of respondents said that the current president should not serve a second term. Per RealClearPolitics, Biden’s approval rating is 20% below his disapproval rating.

For those involved in the poll who plan to vote in the 2024 Democratic primary, 33% claimed that Biden’s age was reason for preferring a new candidate, while 32% specified the president’s performance. As 12% opined that they just wanted a different candidate, only 26% of Democrat voters in the poll want to renominate Biden in 2024.  A whopping 94% of Democrats under 30 are now seeking a nominee besides Biden. At 79-years-old, Biden is the oldest-serving president in American history.

Despite Democratic voters’ displeasure with Biden, the group attested that if former President Donald Trump ran for a third time in 2024, he would be defeated by Biden. From Tuesday (July 5) through Thursday (July 7), the poll was conducted, questioning 849 voters. The poll comes nearly 18 months into Biden’s first presidential term.

Also in the Times/Siena poll, the top American issues were cited as the economy at 20% along with the “inflation and the cost of living,” by 15% of respondents. 11% of poll respondents said that “the state of democracy” or “political division” was their top concern, followed by 10% who said gun policies was an urgent issue. Trailing at 5% was abortion and women’s rights.

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