Earlier this year, Tekashi 6ix9ine legally declared that he was “struggling to make ends meet,” and from the sounds of a new report from Vlad TV, his financial situation may only grow worse.

It seems that the disgraced 26-year-old has been hit with two lawsuits that accuse him of failing to perform concerts which he was paid for, then making false statements to the media trashing those who had commissioned him to play shows.

Alex Bierens de Haan/Getty Images

Recent filings reveal that both plaintiffs are requesting that a judge find 6ix9ine in default and grant judgments in their favour. According to them, the “GOOBA” rapper has failed to respond to their suits months after he was served with the claims; in cases like this, a judge can simply rule in the plaintiffs’ favour, ordering damages be paid to them.

Entertainment companies Hits Before Fame LLC and After Hours LLC are seeking a total of $5.3M from the recording artist, his former manager Shotti, and various booking companies/employees associated with the deal in one of the suits.

The other finds promoters Jaime Dominguez and JJD Entertainment claiming that they paid 6ix9ine upwards of $170K for a concert that never happened, which was followed by the Bushwick-born entertainer telling TMZ that they were the ones who welched on their obligations to him.

Despite claiming financial disparity, 6ix9ine continues to use social media to flex. Earlier today (July 11) he shared a video from his sold-out concert in Istanbul, Turkey, claiming that he made $500K to perform for just 40 minutes.

“THE BEST IN THE WORLD,” he wrote in the caption. “You can’t stop what GOD has planned for someone… All around the world I’m loved and known in every part. You guys need festivals to have big stages, only known in America. It needs to be 20 artists performing for people to show up. Don’t @ me, argue with [yourself].”

Tap back in with HNHH later for any updates on the multi-million dollar lawsuits against 6ix9ine.