When asked whether he’d save either Cam’ron or Jim Jones on a recent episode of Wild’n OutJuelz Santana got creative to get around giving a direct answer. The trio of artists famously formed the iconic group, Dipset, together in New York City.

The question was presented as a hypothetical scenario where both Cam’ron and Jim Jones are getting jumped on both sides of Santana. When asked who he’d save, Santana refused to give a straightforward answer.

“That’s why God gave me two hands, I’m going this way and that way,” he said while punching the air.

Juelz Santana
Neilson Barnard / Getty Images

The Diplomats formed in 1997 after Freekey Zekey, Cam’ron, and Jones grew up together as childhood friends in NYC. Santana joined in just two years later in 1999. The group dropped their debut studio album, Diplomatic Immunity in 2003, and followed it up with a sequel a year later in 2004. From there, tensions were rumored to be festering between the artists, and Dipset didn’t release another album together until 2018 when they reunited for Diplomatic Ties.

Santana’s appearance on Wild’n Out comes after he served 19 months of a 27-month sentence for carrying an unconcealed weapon in his bag at an airport back in 2018.

Check out Santana’s comments on Wild’n Out below.