June 21, 2024

Conway The Machine & Funk Flex Mend Their Differences With “RIP Steve Smith Freestyle”


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On Thursday, Funk Flex premiered a new freestyle from Conway The Machine on Hot 97, putting an end to their short-lived beef.

Conway The Machine and Funk Flex have patched things up after the death of pioneering radio programmer Steve Smith. On Thursday (July 21), Flex hit Hot 97 to premiere a new freestyle from Conway, appropriately titled ‘RIP Steve Smith Freestyle’ over Biz Markie‘s 1988 song “Nobody Beats the Biz.” Addressing his recent feud with Flex, where he accused the DJ of being a “gatekeeper,” Conway rapped about signing to Shady Records for “millions” and gives a nod to the late DJ Kay Slay.

“Look, I’m one of the illest new niggas they comin’ across/All the other ill niggas is everyone in my squad,” he raps, before adding, “Y’all better go do your homework assignments/Nigga said he don’t fuck with us, do you know he was lying?”

Flex spoke about the freestyle on YouTube, saying, “Last week me and Conway had some words! I sent him a track… he accepted the challenge and here we are! Rest in peace to Steve Smith! I thought it was right to name it that since Steve Smith was the creator of the all day Hip Hop format and this freestyle is Hip Hop!”

Earlier this month, Conway and Flex went back-and-forth on social media after Conway voiced his concerns about “gatekeeping” New York DJs, including Flex. The Hot 97 DJ responded, saying that Conway was nothing more than a “40 plus ‘bars rapper,’” which prompted Pete Rock to jump in.

In another Instagram Live video, Conway explained that his issues with Flex did not stem from a lack of radio play, but Flex saying that he disliked Griselda’s music on podcast Million Dollaz Worth of Game.

“I have no beef with Flex or none of those niggas,” Conway said in a follow-up Instagram Live video. “It ain’t no beef! You ain’t say nothing wrong. But it’s where you say these things and how you say it… Like bro, don’t do that to niggas! You ain’t gotta like our shit, bro. It’s all love, that’s your opinion. You never offended me, never threatened me, it’s no smoke on that type of time.”

Flex has since accused Pete Rock of being a “fraud,” allegedly cooperating with the police when his once-partner C.L. Smooth was arrested in the U.K.

Instead of clarifying the allegations, Pete Rock told HipHopDX, “I don’t respond to fuck shit.”

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