Saweetie’s debut album, Pretty Bitch Music, was initially due out some time ago, though the California native has since announced delays so that she can perfect her craft.

Most recently, we’ve heard the Icy Girl show out on Mozzy’s “In My Face,” also featuring 2 Chainz and YG, as well as Muni Long’s catchy summer anthem, “Baby Boo,” and this weekend, she made her return to the stage at Rolling Loud Miami.

Saweetie attends Day 1 of Rolling Loud Miami 2022 — Rodrigo Varela/Getty Images

Of course, the 29-year-old used her stage time to belt out some of her biggest hits like “Best Friend,” “My Type,” and “Tap In,” but she also performed some previously unheard music from her upcoming effort.

As clips taken from in the crowd and the Twitch live stream show, Saweetie gave the untitled song her all. Still, though, the internet remains unsure how to feel and several users have already begun pointing out that the song sounds similar to another popular track.

“Okay but is this not ‘We Not Humping’ by @themonaleo???” one user asked, speaking of the Houston native’s collaboration with Alabama’s own Flo Milli from earlier this year.

Others didn’t hold back on their criticism. “This is horrible. This is actually bad music,” one tweet reads. “She is actually running out of breath. And [you] can’t make out the words she is saying.”

“I saw a live performance of Doechi [doing] ‘Persuasive’ and ‘Crazy.’ Amazing breathwork. Didn’t heave or huff once. And she just came to the game.”

Check out more Twitter reactions and clips from the show below, and let us know if you’re excited to hear Saweetie’s debut album in the comments.