Another Florida rapper’s career has come to a tragic and untimely end. As AllHipHop reports, on Saturday (July 23), Rollie Bands was gunned down outside his home after posting a message directed towards his opps on Instagram.

“A lot of these n*ggas [know] where I live at fr,” he began writing on his Story. “I sleep in peace. If a n*gga want smoke, I’m at my crib in five [minutes].”

Rollie wasn’t wrong in pointing out that there are a lot of people aware of his address, and they heard his message loud and clear. Mere moments after the invitation was posted to his profile, the “Struggle” artist was shot outside of his apartment.

The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office responded to the call, although it’s been noted that the Tampa native was transported to hospital by friends or good samaritans in the area before authorities reached the scene.

Not long after receiving further medical treatment, Rollie Bands was declared dead as a result of his gunshot injuries.

Seeing as the late rapper had yet to reach his big break yet, much remains unknown about him, though from the looks of his IG page he appears to be leaving behind a young daughter to mourn his death.

Many have pointed out the foolishness of Rollie’s actions leading up to his murder, and hope that they serve as a warning to others in the industry to avoid making the same mistakes.

RIP Rollie Bands.