Couples make decisions that are best for their relationships, but Channing Crowder’s recent revelation left Kevin Hart with more questions than answers. The comedian took a break from interviewing his friends on Hart to Heart and once again put himself in the hot seat, this time on The Pivot Podcast. Unsurprisingly, Hart brought laughs during the revealing conversation, and a moment involving host Channing Crowder was a highlight that became a point of discussion on social media.

The former NFL star told Hart that once a year, he and his wife, Aja Crowder, visit a nudist colony. “We go to a place, we walk in, everybody’s just like, just gets naked,” said Crowder. A confused Hart replies, “I heard what you said… I’m just asking you, what’s goin’ on?” He added, “You listening to what you sayin’ out loud, brotha?”

Crowder added, “Yeah, we go to the nudist colony, you gotta go around, you gotta shave everything and show out. Especially when you shave your sh*t, it looks bigger because you gain inches from no hair.” Everyone remained silent, aside from a few stifled laughs, until Hart once again surfaced with questions.

“Y’all…hanging out or y’all f*ckin’ these people?” Hart asked. Crowder stated that there are swingers who visit these locations, but people are able to set their boundaries once they arrive. However, Crowder didn’t answer Hart’s question, so the comedy mogul reiterated himself.

We don’t ‘get down,’ but we just like to be around naked people,” said Crowder. Hart couldn’t understand the desire to be around a bunch of nude strangers, but Crowder seemingly drew comparisons to people visiting strip clubs. 

“I’m willing to bet—a good number—there ain’t a lotta put together people going to these things,” said Hart. Check out the hilarious clip.