The tension brewing between DJ Envy and The Kid Mero has reignited thanks to a recent interview shared by Math Hoffa. It was years ago when Envy got into a heated The Breakfast Club discussion with Desus Nice and Mero after he claimed they owed him and his wife, Gia, an apology. Envy said that the pair has not only mocked the couple, but insinuated that Gia was only with her husband for his money, and it was something that the radio host didn’t appreciate. 

They would later come to an understanding, with Desus and Mero saying they sent Envy a “peace offering.” It was confirmed that the beef was behind them, but in his more recent interview with Hoffa, Mero spoke on the controversy.

Mero talked about the insults he hurled at Envy and detailed how he wanted to escalate the situation during his confrontation with the radio host. Mero added that while Desus was apologizing, all he could think of was jumping across the table to “snuff” Envy for “playing” him on air. The clip of the interview made its way back to Envy who caught up with the Flip Da Script Podcast where he addressed the reignited animosity.

“Charlamagne [Tha God] finds everything funny. I don’t find my family talked about [as being] funny,” said Envy. The hosts mentioned that Desus and Mero apologized for their comments only to later act “a little different.” Envy replied, “I guess on the show, after, when they had they show, ’cause I don’t think they’re together anymore, but when they had their show, they said something [like], ‘I was gon’ slap the sh*t outta Envy and Envy, you can suck my d*ck from the back.’ That’s what I think he said, something like that.”

Envy insisted there wasn’t any beef with Mero, but he was under the impression that after Mero apologized to his face, things were all good. Apparently, that may not be the case. Check it out below.