With all of the frightening tragedies that have occurred in public spaces in recent years, people have been on high alert. We’ve reported on shootings, assaults, and even murders at grocery stores, protests, subway stations, schools, nightclubs, and even concerts, so when something out of the ordinary happens, it can cause chaos. According to reports, Dua Lipa touched down in Toronto days ago for her Future Nostalgia tour, and things seemed to be going well at the Scotiabank Arena until someone set off fireworks inside.

CityNews reported that someone on the floor decided to light fireworks resulting in the injuries of at least three people.

Dua Lipa
Amy Sussman / Staff / Getty Images

The victims’ injuries were described as minor, however, an investigation has been launched. It is unclear if police have narrowed in on a suspect or suspects.

Dua Lipa reportedly addressed the incident in a statement:

“Last night, unauthorized fireworks went off in the crowd during my set in Toronto. Creating a safe and inclusive space at my shows is always my first priority, and my team and I are just as shocked and confused by the events as you all are.”

“There is an ongoing investigation into the events being conducted, and everyone involved is working hard to find out how this incident occurred. Bringing this show to life for my fans has been such an amazing experience, and I’m so deeply sorry for anyone who was scared, felt unsafe, or whose enjoyment of the show was affected in any way.”

Meanwhile, Lipa enjoyed her Toronto performance and shared a few images online. Check out a clip of the fireworks moment below.