June 21, 2024

Parent Shares Racist Encounter At Disneyland


For the past couple of weeks, social media has been in an uproar over the Sesame Place incidents. After two children were blatantly ignored by a television character, the mother decided to share her frustration. As a result, numerous parents began posting similar incidents on the internet, urging the company to deliver an apology and explanation for their actions.

Now, there seems to be another theme park exhibiting the same discriminatory behavior. A mother posted a video of her two young girls eagerly running to greet the Disney princess, Rapunzel. After getting close, the mom asked the park attendant if there had been a wait, to which he responded, “We don’t really have a line, we’re just walking around right now.”

Still, the girls decided to wait patiently as the princess took pictures with others. However, Rapunzel walked away once she finished without acknowledging the girls who had just approached her. “What about us,” one of them yelled at her. 

Together, they followed behind the worker, calling her name to get her to turn around. What caused the mom to get even more upset, was that Rapunzel stopped and engaged with other children as she made her way through the park. “This is like the Elmo,” the mother said in reference to the Sesame Place incident, “They walked past all of the black kids.”

She posted the video on her Instagram account with the caption, “Kids shouldn’t have to go [through] this in 2022. Our money spends [just like theirs] just for them to treat our kids like they don’t belong.”

Check out the video below.

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