She poured her heart out on her latest EP, but DaniLeigh made sure to send DaBaby a message or two about it prior to the record being released. Weeks ago, the Def Jam singer shared her My Side EP that pretty much chronicled her relationship fallout with DaBaby. The world watched the ups and downs of their romance in real-time—at least, what was shared on social media—causing the ex-couple to go viral on more than one occasion. 

They’ve long since broken up but that hasn’t kept them away from scandal, as DaniLeigh’s brother got into a physical altercation with DaBaby in a bowling alley. There were rumors that this would become a legal issue, and all the while, Dani and Baby have continued to co-parent.

Meanwhile, DaniLeigh recently visited Big Boy’s Neighborhood in Los Angeles, and in a clip shared online, she revealed that she did contact DaBaby before airing out her feelings on My Side.

“I played him two records,” she said. “‘Cause I felt like I kinda had to.” Big Boy wanted to know which songs were previewed. “‘Cap’ and ‘Call Me Out My Name,’ ’cause those are the most deepest ones…’Cap’ I’m angry.” As far as DaBaby‘s response went, DaniLeigh said, “I mean, he’s not a softy so he kinda like, laughed when I was like, ‘Keep your ho ass where you at.’ You know what I mean?”

She added that she felt “better” that she decided to play the tracks for him, saying that the remainder of EP was more “gentle.” 

Check out DaniLeigh chopping it up with Big Boy below.