Get ready for another debate centering on “Top” list courtesy of Lloyd Banks. When it comes to lyrical prowess, Banks is no stranger to penning witty rhymes that leave his fans impressed. The accomplished New York City rapper has been promoting his latest album The Course of the Inevitable 2 which was released just weeks ago, and he recently sat down with the Jalen & Jacoby podcast for a wide-ranging, yet sports-centered interview.

While chatting with Jalen Rose and David Jacoby, Banks was asked to name his Top 5 artists “when it comes to punchlines in the history of Rap.”

Lloyd Banks
Lisa Lake / Stringer / Getty Images

Hip Hop history is filled with formidable artists who can take any of those Top 5 spots, and Banks didn’t hesitate to give his answers. Several of his picks are unsurprising to any Hip Hop Head.

“I would say Big L,” said Banks of the late respected rapper who was known for his lyrical ability. “Then, Lord Finesse. I would say Jadakiss. I would say Fabolous. And I would have to take the last spot.”

It wasn’t missed on viewers that Banks’s choices were all New York City rappers, and there were some Hip Hop fans who appreciated that the former G-Unit star didn’t pick artists that are regularly added to lists such as these. 

Check out more from Lloyd Banks on the Jalen & Jacoby podcast below.