People have begun to expect outrageous moments from Blueface, Chrisean Rock, and pretty much any person associated with them, especially as it pertains to how they communicate with one another publicly. In recent weeks, we’ve seen just how volatile Blueface and Rock’s romance can be after a video showing them swinging on each other on Hollywood Boulevard went viral. The rapper would come forward to denounce his relationship and beg for Rock to leave, but within days, they were back to displaying their affections to the world.

However, it isn’t just the couple who have caused a stir; Blueface’s mother, Karlissa Saffold, has also been a prominent social media figure as she has often captivated fans with her takes on his personal life.

Blueface, Chrisean Rock
Arnold Turner / Stringer / Getty Images

Recently, Saffold alleged that Rock was being prostituted and placed “in harm’s way,” adding that her son doesn’t have feelings because he’s pimping his girlfriend. This evening (August 8), Blueface took to his Instagram Story to set the record straight about his contention with his mother.

None my mom say is true I don’t even know that lady anymore,” he wrote. “I lost her to the internet she just want to be known to get her hair done for free she ain’t even aloud to see her grandkids cuz she lost herself to Instagram an nobody want to be ina mix with her.”

His mother didn’t take the criticism laying down and fired off a blistering response.

“You poor baby sounding all soft. You lost your mom to the internet [craying laughing emoji],” wrote Saffold. “You supposed to be a gangsta p… a.. n…… Suck it up and stop acting like you can’t finish the play. If you can’t see the pass run the ball yourself. Money turned you into a follower! Ain’t no guarantee this weirdo ain’t going to fumble it just like you did then you gonna be sitting there looking stupid.”

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