May 19, 2024

Gillie Da King Blasts American Airlines For Racial Profiling After He Was Asked If He Was Carrying Illegal Narcotics – HotNewHipHop


Allegations of racism aren’t anything new for American Airlines. However, the Million Dollaz Worth Of Game co-host Gillie Da King put them on blast today following an unfavorable interaction. The Philadelphia rapper-turned-media personality shared footage of an encounter with a Texas police officer, who singled him out on the flight.

The officer in the video asked Gillie if he was carrying any drugs in his carry-on luggage. “Do I have illegal drugs in my bag? What are you talking about?” Gillie fires back at the officer, who asked if he could search his bag. Gillie explained that he rifled through his belongings in front of the officer, who suggests he’s “lying to the camera.”

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – JUNE 25: Gillie Da Kid speaks onstage during the “Live: Podcast with Million Dollaz Worth Of Game” panel at House Of BET on June 25, 2022 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images for BET)

“You picked me out. For what? I’m probably the richest person on this plane,” Gillie said. In response, the officer claimed that Gillie smelled like cannabis — a substance that remains prohibited in the state of Texas.

“Plane full of white folks leaving Dallas and the only black man is ask[ed] does he have illegal narcotics in his bag,” Gillie captioned the post. “U pick the wrong n***a today buddy @americanair.”

Gillie Da King isn’t the only flyer who accused American Airlines of racist practices. Lyfe Jennings accused the airline of racial profiling in 2021 after they apparently questioned him as he was in line for first class. In a video shared on Instagram, he explained how numerous employees asked him if he was “supposed to be in first class.”

“I can’t tell yall how many time a white man or white woman has asked me to step out of line to ask if im supposed to be flying first class. This shit is OVER!!!! DONT ASK ME SHIT!!!! I PAID FOR MY FLIGHT I KNOW WHAT LINE IM IN GET THE FUCKNESS GONE,” he wrote at the time.

We’ll keep you posted on anymore updates regarding Gillie Da King and American Airlines.

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