May 21, 2024

9 New Hip-Hop, Afrobeats & R&B Albums You Should Be Listening To


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This week’s New Music Friday consists of albums from Nas, 9th Wonder, Run The Jewels, Wizkid, and more.

Nas and Hit-Boy make magic again on King’s Disease III. There are no features on the album, further allowing Nas to shine.

Rap also received strong efforts from other artists this week. GloRilla dropped her CMG debut EP Anway, Life’s Great… featuring Cardi B, Hitkidd, and more. Run The Jewels releases a remix album RTJ CU4TRO. Tony Shhnow’s latest project Plug Motivation surfaces. Oshun releases their last album together, vol. ii. 

Wizkid follows up his game-changing album Made In Lagos with More Love, Less Ego. DRAM shares What Had Happened Was… featuring BJ The Chicago Kid. Coco Jones recently unveiled her excellent EP What I Didn’t Tell You.

9th Wonder also drops ZION VII.

Below you’ll find some standout tracks and why you should listen to the aforementioned projects.

Nas – King’s Disease III


Photo Credit: Artist

King’s Disease III is a succinct and meaty album. Once again Hit-Boy and Nas showcase their special chemistry.

Standouts: “Ghetto Reporter,” “Thun”

9th Wonder – ZION VII

9th Wonder

Photo Credit: Artist

If you’re looking for a project to kick back and relax to, hit play on 9th Wonder’s ZION VII. The mostly instrumental release is a calming soundscape.

Standouts: “Lust 4 U!!!,” “The Chase!!!”

Run The Jewels – RTJ CU4TRO

Run The Jewels

Photo Credit: Artist

RTJ CU4TRO is a well-curated remix album, it features appearances from artists, rappers, producers, singers, and more that are central to Latin America.

Standouts: “santa calamifuck,” “JU$T”

Wizkid – More Love, Less Ego


Photo Credit: Artist

There’s something so distinct about Wizkid’s ability to capture a wide range of emotions including lust, happiness, and more. He did it on his last album, and he did it again on More Love, Less Ego.

Standouts: “Deep,” “Pressure”

GloRilla – Anyways, Life’s Great…


GloRilla has had a hell of a year. Anyways, Life’s Great… is a quick listen, but it further proves why she is a voice in female rap worth paying attention to right now.

Standouts: “Unh Unh,” “Tomorrow 2”

Tony Shhnow – Plug Motivation

Tony Shhnow

Photo Credit: Artist

Tony Shhnow’s laidback cadence paired with trap beats specific to Atlanta draws us in again on Plug Motivation.

Standouts: “Can’t Say I’m Broke,” “Jugg”

DRAM – What Had Happened Was…


Photo Credit: Artist

DRAM’s What Had Happened Was… is a primer for cuffing season. It reminds us a bit of his last album SHELLEY FKA DRAM, but, on his newest release he’s leaning even further into the R&B space.

Standouts: “3’s Company,” “Let Me See Your Phone”

Oshun – vol. ii


Photo Credit: Artist

This is the duo’s last album together, providing a reason to sit with it intimately. vol. ii hits its sweet spot midway through the album.

Standouts: “Kali,” “Nourish”

Coco Jones – What I Didn’t Tell You

Coco Jones

Photo Credit: Artist

Coco Jones means business on her debut Def Jam EP What I Didn’t Tell You. It’s a strong project – utilizing SWV’s “Rain” as a sample on “Double Back” was a brilliant choice.

Standouts: “Caliber,” “Double Back”

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