May 21, 2024

Westside Boogie Drops Deluxe Version Of “More Black Superheroes”


In a year filled with fantastic hip-hop releases, you don’t need to go No. 1 to make a mark on the game. Westside Boogie proved just that with his June 2022 album MORE BLACK SUPERHEROES, met with critical nods and commercial growth. Now, Boogie is capitalizing on his momentum and dropped a LIMITED EDITION deluxe of the album with six new tracks. He also dropped a new video for “NONCHALANT” featuring Mamii.

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Beyond his music releases, it’s also been a year of personal growth for Boogie. Amid high-profile releases and features, he also got advice from Eminem about how to conduct his live shows. Particularly, he advised the 33-year-old against stage diving, as he could get sued as a result. That energy actually comes though on this deluxe album through the three live tracks included. No wonder Em had high praise for MORE BLACK SUPERHEROES.

Westside Boogie featured live versions of album cuts “KILLA MODE,” “NONCHALANT,” and “CAN’T EVEN LIE.” Their inclusion makes sense, considering their popularity on the album with live instrumentation, but Boogie doesn’t stop there. He also delivers a few new soulful, smooth, and intimate tracks that fit snugly in the tracklist.

Firstly, there are the solo cuts “FLOAT” and “CONTRADICITONS,” both of which are infectiously laidback. Moreover, muffled soul samples and melodies define both track’s melodic progressions. Furthermore, the pace on each song is restrained, but it helps listeners focus on Boogie’s pen game. On “FLOAT,” the Compton rapper expressed his struggle with coping through past pains and experiences in order to live a fruitful life. Additionally, “CONTRADICTIONS” goes deeper into this disconnect. Furthermore, Boogie explores his “true colors” and how he’s perceived as a good guy or a gangster. Sometimes, as his pen paints, either can be a tough expectation to live up to.

Finally, there’s the Rapsody and Alex Isley-assisted “HALFWAY RIGHT,” on which the former drops a killer verse. Firstly, singer-songwriter Alex Isley, the daughter of one of the legendary Isley Brothers, delivers a smooth chorus to match. Meanwhile, Boogie and Rhapsody spit from differing male and female perspectives on a failing relationship. Both try to understand why they feel so frustrated and point out hypocrisies in both parties’ behavior.

You can check out MORE BLACK SUPERHEROES (LIMITED EDITION) on your preferred streaming service. Also, check out the tracklist for Westside Boogie’s newest deluxe album below, featuring the originals and the new tracks at the bottom. Finally, if you want to get to know Westside Boogie a bit more, check out our exclusive interview with him here.


  1. KILLA MODE (feat. Storm Ford)
  2. STUCK
  3. NONCHALANT (feat. Mamii)
  5. CAN’T EVEN LIE (feat. Soulja Boy)
  7. AIGHT (feat. Shelley FKA DRAM)
  8. CAN’T GET OVER YOU (feat. Smino & Teezo Touchdown)
  10. SOMETHIN STRANGE (feat. Kalan.FrFr & Mami)
  11. WINDOWS DOWN (feat. Snoop Dogg)
  13. FLOAT
  15. HALFWAY RIGHT (feat. Rapsody & Alex Isley)
  16. KILLA MODE (Live)
  17. NONCHALANT (Live)
  18. CAN’T EVEN LIE (Live)

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