March 20, 2023

“Shabooya” Rapper Slimeroni Calls Out Fan Who Touched Her Inappropriately

If you’ve been anywhere near TikTok, then you’re familiar with Slimeroni. The rapper is one of several artists featured on the viral hit “Shabooya,” produced by Hitkidd. Gloss Up, K Carbon, and Alexa are also featured on the record, which pays homage to the sing-along games that many remember from their youth.

Slimeroni is finding new fame as “Shabooya” trends across social media platforms. She recently performed at an event, and while several clips were shared, one widely trended online. In the video, Slime is delivering a performance of “Shabooya” when an overzealous fan taps her in between the legs.

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The person who filmed the moment added a message to the video. “Respect an artist when they performing don’t feel entitled to touch on them especially they private areas,” they stated.

Slimeroni was told about the video, and she reshared it with a revelation. She said that when the woman touched her during her show, it was triggering as a survivor of sexual assault.

“So i woke up to find out im going viral on tiktok n this shouldnt b taken lightly,” said Slime. “While im performing a girl touched my private area & as a survivor of SA i was mentally frozen n didnt react like i should’ve.”

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“Even security didnt do they job!” she continued. “I may have smiled but it was a nervous smile, i was not happy in the slightest. THIS IS NOT OK ‼️regardless of someones sexuality or whatever the case may b, u not entitled to touch ANYONE without consent PERIOD. hate i even gotta tell grown folks how to behave smh.”

Others added their voices to her comment section by agreeing that security should have stepped in. The woman who touched Slimeroni hasn’t been identified, but the internet can be relentless.

Check out the clip, and “Shabooya,” above.

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