March 22, 2023

Nike Kobe 6 “Reverse Grinch” Rumored For 2023: Details

If you are a sneakerhead, then the Nike Kobe 6 “Grinch” has probably been on your wishlist at some point. This is a shoe that is the stuff of legend. Overall, it is considered to be the best basketball shoe ever created. Whether or not you go with that, is purely up to you.

Firstly, the Nike Kobe 6 is already a phenomenal silhouette. However, when you incorporate the loud green and yellow gradient aesthetics of the “Grinch” colorway, you get a masterpiece. Not to mention, the stock levels put the hype for these through the roof.

Image via Nike

Nike Kobe 6 “Reverse Grinch”

Now, however, it seems like a brand new version of the “Grinch” will be dropping in 2023. In the Instagram post down below, you can find the Nike Kobe 6 “Reverse Grinch.” This news comes from @zsneakerheadz, and if you’re familiar, you know that Anthony Davis once wore these.

First off, this shoe begins with a red upper as opposed to the green we are so used to. Secondly, the shoe has some nice green laces which are paired with a green Kobe logo on the tongue. Lastly, the Nike logo is black which is the same color we get on the original.

As a whole, there is no denying that this new take on the “Grinch” is pretty interesting and intriguing. For hardcore fans, it is likely going to be difficult to convince them that this shoe is as good as the original. Regardless, we like Nike’s thinking here, and we are looking forward to seeing some official images hit the internet.

Release Rumors

For now, it is being reported that these will drop during the Holiday season for a price of $180 USD. However, this has yet to be confirmed by Nike, so stay tuned to HNHH for the latest news from around the sneaker world. Additionally, let us know what you think of these, in the comments below.


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