February 24, 2024

Chrisean Rock’s Therapy Session Finds Her Getting Real About Childhood Trauma


Chrisean Rock’s tumultuous relationship with Blueface is sheer entertainment for some, but incredibly painful to watch for others. The duo is undeniably talented at making money. However, they also have a history of physical violence within their union, and with outsiders.

The first few episodes of their Crazy In Love series on Zeus covered plenty of these antics. More recently, though, the couple has been trying out healing tactics, such as therapy, on camera.

Chrisean Rock attends Sir Joe Exclusive LuxeLife Runway Show And Pop Up Shop on June 25, 2022 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Robin L Marshall/Getty Images)

While Rock was initially resistant to the idea of seeking mental health help, she eventually sat down with Dr. Ish to dive into her toxic relationship and traumatic childhood.

As we previously reported, while discussing things with Blueface, the 22-year-old admitted to engaging in “flip outs” when a perceived threat appears to target their rocky coupledom. “I might do certain things to get his attention, but that’s only because I want it my way,” she shared with her therapist.

Elsewhere in the same conversation, Rock revealed that growing up around her abusive father was a terrifying experience for her. According to the reality starlet, the family patriarch would lay hands on her mother, sisters, and Chrisean. “My mother, his go to was to tie her up and beat her,” the Baltimore native recalled.

“He would line all my sisters up out back against the wall. He would put me against the wall – and I ain’t do nothing – with them,” she went on, getting emotional. “Like, I’m young as f*ck, I don’t know what’s going on… He would make sure he would slap one on each cheek.”

Afterward, Dr. Ish asked the entertainer if she struggles with empty feelings inside. To this, she said that there are days when she feels the need to sleep in because “it hurts so much [she doesn’t] want to move.”

In other news, Chrisean certainly made a splash at this past weekend’s Baddies West premiere. While she donned a red carpet-ready look for the event, that didn’t stop her from throwing hands at her former stylist.

Catch the video of those ridiculous antics here, and check back later for more pop culture news updates.


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