December 6, 2023

Joe Buck Expertly Claps Back At Hater


Joe Buck is one of the more polarizing voices when it comes to football commentary. He is an iconic voice who currently broadcasts for ESPN alongside Troy Aikman. However, some people feel like he doesn’t have the most energetic calls.

Either way, Buck is getting paid a lot of money to broadcast football games, and fans will just have to deal with it. Besides, there is a good amount of people out there who love his work. Not to mention, he and Aikman have great chemistry.

Joe Buck attends the 2022 ABC Disney Upfront at Basketball City – Pier 36 – South Street on May 17, 2022 in New York City. (Photo by Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images,)

Unfortunately, when people don’t like Buck’s work, they let him know about it. For instance, in the tweet down below, Buck noted how one fan asked him if he was doing the Cowboys game last night. Of course, this was a dumb question considering he was in St-Louis when he was asked this. Unfortunately, this led to one hater responding with “No one said this to you. Finally, I can watch NFL and MLB playoff games with the sound on.”

Joe Buck Reacts

Buck took the insult in stride as he immediately levied a pretty amazing response. As you can see, he decided to respond with a heavy dose of sarcasm.

“I’m happy for you and even more so for the people who were in that silent room with you all those years,” Buck wrote. “Listening to you and your thoughts. And your worries. And what you would do as manager or coach. Rejoice friends of Rick Banks. Rejoice! Turn that sound on – LOUD!!!”

ESPN won’t be doing any more games for the rest of the season, although Buck is probably enjoying the time off. After all, the Network is already paying him millions of dollars per year for his services.

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