March 5, 2024

03 Greedo Asks Media To Stop Calling Him An L.A. Rapper


When it comes to hip-hop media and news coverage, people try their best to remedy mistakes and avoid them. However, especially when it comes to how to represent other artists, slip-ups happen and should be treated with respect and proper care. Moreover, 03 Greedo took to his Instagram story to ask media outlets to stop referring to him as an L.A. rapper.

LOS ANGELES, CA – FEBRUARY 15: Rapper 03 Greedo attends the Trap House Clothing & Laced South Bay Presents TRAP ALL STAR FEST at The Belasco Theater on February 15, 2018 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Unique Nicole/Getty Images)

Of course, that’s technically the case, but the 35-year-old specifically reps the neighborhood of Watts. Furthermore, Greedo still made his love for the greater Los Angeles county clear.

“To all the media people’s,” his post began. “Yes. love California and the county of Los Angeles. And will bring my area to the top of the game this year. BUT I Am Not From LA!! (The city) NO!! I am From Watts. So La Rapper is not how y’all finna introduce me cuz.”

To be fair, such a mistake is one that even this writer made in previous reports. Still, it’s heartening to see Greedo speak his truth and clarify things as he gears up for a big year. While the conditions behind his release are murky, he still recently confirmed that he’s out of jail. However, things are easier said than done.

“Yes, I am free from prison but I am still not completely out,” he wrote. “For anyone confused I am in a halfway house for up to 6 months with a five minute phone call a week. Where I am I just want to see my daughter and record music. I wish I could have released alot more music while I was away. So, I have this chip on my shoulder to just go record n drop at least 12 tapes before my major album and I honestly just don’t want to talk to alot of people yet. I got a lot I want to clear in my head first.

“So, if I’m not recording with you or laying with you, I’m not inna rush to talk after damn near 5 years,” he continued. “Just being honest! Salute to the GeeHive and all my supporters, I love you. Thank u for keeping me alive while I was incarcerated. Yours Truly, Cheeto.”

Still, what do you think of 03 Greedo calling the media out for labeling him an L.A. rapper? Whatever the case, let us know in the comments down below. Also, as always, come back to HNHH for the latest updates on 03 Greedo.

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